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Kristina Sisco Staff Photo

I am so excited to be back at C.E. Hanna where my teaching career first began!  My first music teaching job was at C.E. Hanna and Coldwater Elementary (before the new C.E. Hanna was built).  I kept that position for three years before moving to DeArmanville.  I taught at Coldwater and DeArmanville for four years before transferring to Oxford Elementary School in 2010.  And then in 2016 I transferred back to where it all began...C.E. Hanna!  

I am beginning my 15th year of teaching elementary music and I love it!  I believe that every child should have the opportunity to study music. While I do believe some students may have natural musical abilities, I most definitely believe that musical talent can be taught and with proper training all students can grow into wonderful musicians!  

My first music class was in the 4th grade.  My dad happened to be my music teacher.  We learned how to play an instrument called a flutaphone (kind of like a recorder).  In the sixth grade I joined the band.  I played the trumpet and later switched to French horn.  I was an All-State French horn player during my junior and senior year.  I was also in the choir in high school, but never really started focusing on vocal study until college.  Being a part of the band and choir was such a special part of my educational experience.  I learned about patience, determination, team work, and best of all I made some of the best friends a girl could ask for and we are still in contact today.  Also, if not for my music education, I wouldn't have received a scholarship to college.  I am very thankful for the opportunities music presented me and my hope is that I can guide my students to the same experiences.  

I have taught K-6 grade general music, but now my primary focus is on 5th an 6th grade.  I believe this is a very special and delicate age that needs a great deal of positive influence and guidance.  I am grateful for the opportunity to teach the children at C.E. Hanna.  I hope they walk away from this place with a new love and appreciation for my favorite subject....MUSIC!