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Borrowing Lunch Money at C E Hanna
Posted On:
Friday, January 15, 2010

      In order to make sure that all CEH students are served lunch according to the Child Nutrition Guidelines, CEH allows students to borrow money for lunch if they do not have adequate funds in their lunch account.  Students come to the office when they discover that they do not have money for lunch.  We then call a parent to bring money.  If this is not possible, the students are allowed to borrow the money from the office with the agreement of repaying it the following day in a repayment envelope. 

  Unfortunately, students are not repaying promptly, leaving us without money to loan for lunch.

  Please help us by doing the following:

-ask your child if they are buying an extra lunch-this will deplete their lunch account quickly resulting in borrowing lunch money.

-check the Monday folders for any communication from the office about borrowing money.

-discuss with your child the importance of letting you know if they borrowed lunch money.

We truly appreciate your help with this matter.


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