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Elective Class Descriptions
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

C.E.Hanna art class gives students a glimpse of the art world in an exploratory setting.   Students learn elements and principles of design by creating sketchbook/journals and creating artwork that demonstrates understanding of those foundational skills.   Students are given a virtual portfolio provided by Artsonia and they learn photography and photo editing skills along with computer graphics and design so they can add their own creations to the website.    Students are also introduced to Blackboard and can work with independent projects based on art history and cultural projects on an independent level.




In technology class, students will learn how to touch type using an online program.  In addition, students learn how to use Macbook applications such as iMovie and Keynote.  Digital literacy is an important aspect of this class.  Students will learn about online safety, website credibility, and copyright law.  6th grade students are responsible for recording and creating the morning broadcast through iMovie.   They will also complete an online course called, Ignition, on, which teaches about digital literacy and responsibility.   5th grade students will complete the Vault program on, which teaches them the about how to make responsible choices with their money.  It also teaches them about banking and credit.  Finally, both grades will complete a course called Future Goals: Hockey Scholar.  In Hockey Scholar, students see science, engineering & math concepts come to life through the fast-paced game of hockey. This course introduces students to the many real-life applications of STEM.



6th Grade Robotics - Students use VEX IQ systems to explore building and programming grade level appropriate robots.


5th Grade STEM - Students explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through hands-on projects and activities. 




Music classes are offered to all 5th and 6th grade students at C.E. Hanna.  The curriculum consists of general music, recorder study, Orff instrument study, and  choral music.  The students will learn the basics of listening to, performing, reading, writing, and appreciating music.  Students will also learn vocal technique and ensemble skills.  They will learn to sing in two-part and three-part harmony while studying a variety of musical styles and cultures.  The students will have music everyday for 9 weeks before rotating to another elective.  Classes are 42 minutes long.  At the end of the 9 weeks, students will perform on parent night to showcase some of the skills they have learned.


For a more intense choral study and performance experience, students may audition for the Jacket Sing-Sations Elementary Choir.  The choir currently consists of 130 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students from all four of our elementary schools in the Oxford City Schools System.  Students are selected based on their musician skills, self-discipline, responsibility, and commitment to music.  They act as ambassadors of their school and the entire Oxford City School System.  This young group of musicians is committed to musical excellence.  They rehearse once per week after school and perform several times throughout the school year. 


For more information about the audition process, contact:

Kristina Sisco

Choral Director

C.E. Hanna Elementary School



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