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Student Council Packet information
Posted On:
Friday, September 23, 2011



(Officers and Homeroom Representatives)


            C.E. Hanna's Student Council offers an opportunity for students to learn about democracy first-hand, develop leadership skills and responsibility, provide service to school and community and take pride in their school.


            To qualify to run for Student Council officer or homeroom representative, a student must be willing to serve, be a good citizen, and be in good academic standing.  There will be two representatives elected from each 5th and 6th grade homeroom.  The student body will elect officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer).  Only sixth grade students may run for officer positions.  If not elected to an officer position, the sixth grade student may run for a class representative position.


            If elected to be an officer or homeroom representative, members of the student council will need to be at school early on certain mornings (7:00) and must be able to stay after school for meetings from 2:45-3:45 approximately once a month and have transportation home from these meetings.  There may also be service projects that may involve late afternoon and possibly Saturday commitments and will require parent volunteers. The membership will be informed in advance of any meetings or projects.


If an elected officer or representative receives a grade below 80/B in any academic area, or an "N" in a non-academic area for the nine weeks, an alternate may replace him/her on the student council.  Poor meeting attendance or poor citizenship may also constitute replacement on the council. All decisions regarding replacement on student council will be made by the principal and student council sponsors.



Qualifications to Run for Student Council Officer or Representative


•1.       Student must have no lower than an 80/B average for each subject from the previous year.

•2.     Student can have NO office referrals for behavior this year.

•3.     Student must have good attendance (no more than 20 absences from the previous school year) and punctuality (no more than 10 tardies from the previous year).

•4.     Student must have their homeroom teacher certify that these requirements are met and sign their application. 


Candidates for Student Council will need to:



•1.       Have their homeroom teacher confirm that they are qualified to run and sign the application form.

•2.     Complete the application/questions form, have their parents sign for permission, and  return  their completed application with signed permission from parents to their homeroom teacher

•3.     Students in the sixth grade that are elected by their homeroom as an officer candidate in the school wide election will need to prepare a one-minute speech explaining what qualities they possess that would enable them to be an effective Student Council officer.  This speech must be positive and be approved by their homeroom teacher.  Students may not change their speech once it is approved and failure to follow this rule may result in disqualification.   No props or other items may be used in the campaign speech.  Speeches will be over the school broadcast system the day of the election.  Students may also create one standard sized poster to promote themselves during the campaign.  This poster needs to be 2-D and, if possible, have their picture on it.  (No other campaign materials may be used or distributed.  Students not adhering to this policy will be disqualified.)

•4.     Students running for class representative may only campaign in their homeroom.  THERE WILL BE NO CAMPAIGN MATERIALS ALLOWED for this election.



Important Dates



Wednesday,  Sept. 7th - Student Council elections are announced.  Interested students may submit their name to their homeroom teacher to qualify to run.


Wednesday,  Sept . 14th  - Election information and applications to run for Student Council officer or representative will be available from the homeroom teachers and will also be posted on the school website. 


Friday, Sept. 16th - The last day that a student may submit their name to the homeroom teacher to be certified as qualified to run.  It will be the students' responsibility to ask their homeroom teacher to check their permanent record for grades and with the office for behavior referrals.  No late requests will be given.


Wed., Sept. 21st - Completed application (with teacher certification, parent permission, and questions answered) due to the homeroom teacher. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.


Monday, Oct. 3rd  - For sixth grade students only:  Each homeroom will elect a candidate for each of the student council offices:  president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. 


Wednesday, Oct. 5th  - Student Council Campaign begins.  Sixth grade students elected by their homeroom as an officer candidate may stand in the halls coming from the lunchroom with their campaign poster to promote their candidacy.  (No other campaign material can be used.)  At 7:40 a.m., posters need to be turned in to the guidance office.  These posters will then be hung in the hallway near the lunchroom.


Thursday, Oct. 6th - School wide speeches for student council officers will be made to the school using the school broadcast system.  Following the speeches, elections will be held in homeroom.  Winners will be announced at the end of the day.


Friday, September 30th  - During homeroom, each class will elect two representatives for the council.  (Please note:  Any 6th grader who was a candidate for officer and was not elected will automatically be on the ballot for homeroom representative.)  Winners will be announced at the end of the day.













Application to Run for Student Council Officer

or Homeroom Representative

C.E. Hanna Elementary School



Name_____________________________________________________Gr._______  HR____________


I will be running for:  (circle one)    Note:  (only 6th graders may run for an officer position.)


President                      Vice-President              Secretary          Treasurer          Representative




I have received and read the information sheet on Student Council elections and understand the rules of the election, the dates that I must follow, and the responsibilities I will have, if elected.


___________________________________________________________      _____________________

Student Signature                                                                                                                                                    Date





Qualified to Run


I certify that this student has met the requirements to run for Student Council officer and/or representative.


____________________________________________________________    _____________________

Homeroom teacher  Signature                                                                                                                                Date






Parent Permission


My child has permission to run for Student Council.  I have read the information sheet and understand the rules of the election, the dates my child must follow, and the responsibilities they will have, if elected.  I will be responsible for his/her transportation home following meetings/activities.


______________________________________________________________        ___________________

Parent Signature                                                                                                                                                                      Date





Complete the QUESTIONS on the next sheet and staple to this application

(Your application will NOT be accepted without answers to all questions.)

C.E. Hanna Elementary School
Short Answer Questions

1.    Why do you want to be a CEH student council member/why are you running for this office?

2.    What leadership qualities do you posses?

3.    Describe a NEW activity that would unite the students at CEH?

4.    List one problem that exists at CEH and describe a possible solution.



5.   What positive influence will you have at CEH this year? Be specific.


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