5th Grade School Supply List for 2015-2016
Wednesday, May 27, 2015


C.E. Hanna School


Fifth Grade Supply List






1 each                                   Heavy duty binder (ex: Trapper Keeper)


2 packs                                 150 or 200 count wide-rule notebook paper


1 pack                                   Crayola Twistables


1 pack                                   Expo Markers


I each                                    Large, heavy duty soft pencil bag with holes-If the binder has storage compartments for pencils, twistables, etc. a bag isn’t needed (NO BOXES)


2 boxes                                #2 pencils or mechanical pencils (pencils must be replenished as needed throughout the school year, if you buy mechanical pencils please provide extra lead)


1 pair                                     Ear buds (for student to use with computer)


3 each                                   Composition Notebooks


3 each                                   3 plastic folders with pockets (one of each color red, blue, green)


1 copy                                   Wayside School is Falling Down by Louis Sachar (REQUIRED SUMMER READING)




       ** Please remember that school supplies must be replenished throughout the year as needed. **






5th grade Donation                          $15.00




Book Bags


All book bags, if purchased must be clear or mesh. No rolling book bags will be allowed without a Dr.’s written excuse and/or administrative approval.




Wish List


2 each                   Pack of Paper Towels


2 each                   Box of Kleenex


1 pack                   Colored Copy Paper (not construction paper)


1 each                   Clorox Wipes




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