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5th Grade Supply List
Posted On:
Monday, July 08, 2019

C.E. Hanna School

Fifth Grade Supply List



2 pairs            Ear buds (REQUIRED, NO EAR PHONES or AIRPODS)

2 packs           150 or 200 count wide-rule notebook paper

1 pack             Crayola Twistables

1 each             large, heavy duty soft pencil bag (NO BOXES)

2 packs           #2 pencils

4 each             Composition Notebooks

4 each             Plastic folders with pockets (one of each color: red, blue, green,


2 packs           glue sticks (no bottled glue)

1 pack             highlighters

1 pack             10 pack Classic Crayola Markers


Please remember that school supplies must be replenished throughout the year as needed.


5th graders will not be allowed to carry binders.


5th grade donation                $15.00


Book Bags

All book bags, if purchased must be clear or mesh. No rolling book bags will be allowed without a doctor’s written excuse and/or administrative approval.


Wish List

2 each             pack of paper towels

2 each             box of Kleenex

1 each             Clorox Wipes

1 each             Germ-X

1 each             Ziploc Bags

                        Girls - Expo white board cleaner

                        Boys – Expo Markers




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