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Welcome to our ART ROOM

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Art offers a wonderful opportunity to build student confidence.  Art offers students a class in which they can express ideas, and to learn observation skills that transfer to all other subjects.  Research has proven that it raises test scores, reduces absences, and gives students more confidence in their ideas.

  Creative expression is just the beginning. We explore history, science, and mathematics ideas in a fun and exciting way.   Students work with a Blackboard course that introduces concepts with elements and principles of design.   The students use their Macbooks to photograph and upload artwork to ARTSONIA. (The largest online children's art museum in the world.)   Students use sketchbooks, and online post to discuss their artwork, and view other students work.   Every child can learn to express themselves with the unique language of art.  Our differences are celebrated, and the process of learning is enhanced by creative problem solving.

  There is more to life than straight lines!  Look, Observe, and Create!