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Jacket Sing-Sations - Auditions 2018-2019

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We will be auditioning students for next year’s Jacket Sing-Sations beginning on May 14th. Auditions are for 3 rd graders who will be entering the 4 th grade in the 2018-2019 school year, 4th graders who will be entering the 5 th grade in the 2018-2019 school year, and for 5 th graders who will be entering the 6 th grade in the 2018-2019 school year. Current members are not automatically in next year’s choir. All current members will have to audition again. Please see the audition schedule below. Please make sure you are present and on time for your audition. 

OES students – May 14 th - 18 th 

CES students – May 14 th and 15 th 

CEH students – May 14 th - 18 th 

DES students – May 16 th - 18 th 

A schedule will be posted after permission slips are received. If a student is absent on their audition day, they will need to contact their teacher. Audition time is limited. 

Students will be selected based on the following criteria: 

1. Students should demonstrate a high level of interest and participation in the local music program.

2. Students must be able to sing on pitch and follow a conductor. 

3. Students must be able to sing with expression. 

4. Students must be willing to practice and memorize music before the Festival and all other performances. 

5. Students must exhibit self-discipline, both in music class, and in their regular classroom. 

The audition process: 

1. Students should be prepared to sing a song, of their choice, a cappella. Performance and expression is very important. This is their time to shine. Being in the JSS requires a lot of showmanship! They will be expected to perform, not just sing. 

2. Students will be tested on pitch recognition. The music teacher will play a short series of notes on the piano and students will be asked to sing them back to him/her on “la”. 

3. Students will be asked to sight-read a simple piece of music. 

4. The students will have been taught a song/dance prior to auditions. They will perform this as a group. Students will be judged on timing, execution, and showmanship. The song is “Livin’ On a Prayer” an arrangement from John Jacobson’s Music Express Magazine. A video of the song and choreography can be found here:   If that link doesn't work, try this one:

5. Students will receive a recommendation from their homeroom teacher. 

*All auditions will be video-taped. The students who are interested in trying out should return the attached form signed by the parent giving them permission to audition for the choir. Permission slips are due by Friday, May 4th so that a schedule for auditions can be made. 


The following link is for the 6th grade music classes May 3, 2018.

6th Grade Webquest - The Star Spangled Banner